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Our Needs:

Essie Academy creates an environment to aid children leading and learning for a lifetime. This mission can not be completed alone. We need people like you who love to see children expand their knowledge beyond its original state. We appreciate any help to make an impact in the following ways:


-Musical Instruments

-Art Supplies

-Technology (i.e. laptops, chrome books, etc.)

Tax Deduction:

All taxpayers can deduct up to $300 for qualified charitable contributions made in 2022 and beyond, including those using the standard deduction.

For itemizers, the amount of charitable giving deductible is raised to 100% of adjusted gross income for 2022.

The CARES Act raises the amount of charitable giving that corporations can deduct from 10% of taxable income to 25% of taxable income.

CashApp Donation:


Donor Levels

Corporate Partnership Levels
Platinum Level
Above  $10,000
Platinum Level –
  Gold Level
$10,000- $5,001
 Gold Level –
$50,000- $45,001
  Silver Level
 Silver Level –
  Bronze Level
$1,000 – $501
 Bronze Level –
$20,000 -$10,000
  Tigers Level
$500 – $101
Friends  Level –
$10,000 and Below
  Friends  Level – $100 – Below
All donations will be used to help the future of tomorrow and keep the best place for high education, Essie Academy.